Our Courses

Let’s Move and Be aware about the presence of the Elements in Our Body:

My Intention with all my courses is to connect our BODY with the NATURE and move with AWARENES OF the 4 Elements to find Balance, Stability, Power and Determination and Be able to open our hearts to receive what the Universe bring to us with gratitude. And accept Who we are and the changes we can do.

Classes for Adults and Kids:


  • Vinyansa Power Yoga

  • Animal Locomotion

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Meditation


  • Budokon

  • Cardiovascular Movements

  • Warriors and Horsestand

  • Animal Locomotion


  • Open Chest & Tight Shoulders

  • Backbens

  • Open Hips

  • Detox Program


  • Vegan Cooking Classes

  • Moving our Instestines


AIR – Vinyansa Power Yoga

Coach + Body Art (Intensity –Time and Rhythm)
You will work in your Physical and Emotional Body by releasing past debris such as
depression and repressed emotions. You will go into the conscious mind to release
stress from the present and align any future issues that can create anxiety.
The ultimate goal is to detox from emotions such as fear by exercising for strength
of the physical-muscle body, while increasing self-esteem and aligning emotions.


Courage + Commitment + Capabilities + Confidence.
Focus on where you want to go.
Working together we can accomplish and get your Full potential.


This class is an animal flow workout. Intelligent movements related with the nature and the power of the animals..
Objective:  Create connection between Person  and the planet. As we move we recognize our nature, we remember our essence and infinite capacity for action – stimuli-force-art – movement. We share with the animals: Culture,Expression of emotions fear, desire, panic, affection, embarrassment, and many other feelings.


Improve your flexibility, endurance and strength to maximize your ability. Physical conditioning, training, body and mind. It helps you work the entire body and burn calories while having a lot of fun. During the class we stimulate the senses and we explore in:

2.Control body
4.Self- awareness
5. Intelligence: Use both hemispheres of the brain (full neuro-connections (prove with biofeedback))
6. Build muscles and good bases of locomotor skills.
7. Abstract and logical thinking
8. Increase Muscular endurance.

Water -Detox Program

Why you tried Diet and Exercise and nothing has changed.

Reflect and Set new Intentions

Learn to go into the essences of your deeper being. Clarify and crystalize your desires., cleaned your Body, understand your blocked emotions, lose weight and get the great Results. 21 days Transformation Program.

Mindful training to achieve a Healthy Body, Mind and Emotions.


Cooking Classes (Healthy food introduced into your new lifestyle)
Conscious Movements (2 Days Detox Yoga) Breathing and Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation
Transition Coach to change mindset of old habits

Earth – Budokon

“The way you do anything , is the way you do everything.”

The name Budokon was created by its founder, Kancho Cameron Shayne. It was taken from the Japanese language: Bu (meaning warrior), Do (meaning the way), Kon (meaning the spirit or soul). This translates as “the way of the warrior spirit”.

The Aim of Budokon is to expand the awareness of individual consciousness and thereby expand the awareness of the collective consciousness. To accomplish this intention we need to audit our minds, seeking out limiting beliefs that cause us to suffer in every area of our lives. In order to do this we must have a methodology. Budokon provides a specific life coaching method by teaching us to identify the fears of survival residing in our animal natures and transcend those fears towards our evolved self. Obstacles such as ignorance, intolerance, attachment, and selfishness are overcome by means of the Budokon practices. Budokon thus cultivates an ongoing zen state or single mindedness that helps us to free the mind from limitations.

Base in 6 Pillars:

PILLARE SYSTEM: Movement, Thoughts, Relationships, emotions, nutrition, Environment.

Fire – Vegan Cooking Classes

The Power of Choice.

Enjoy our Vegan Fun cooking classes.

During this Vegan Cooking Class you will learn about cooking delicious vegan food with confidence.

We know it can be difficult to make vegan food shine if you aren’t used to making it, so this class aims to broaden your horizon of vegan food, ensuring that you leave with an array of exciting dishes to impress your family and friends.

Whether you’re a committed vegan, or just would like to brush up your skills to cook for your friends or partner, this course offers something for everyone; either as a couple, an individual or a group.


A specialized Yoga style based on the Play, Learn and Be Fit Program.

Every week the child will be introduced to one element of nature that connects with a physical component while enjoying a sensorial experience.

4 Modules:

Flexibility – Air,

Opening -Water,

Stability – Earth

Determination – Fire

Learning about how the body work (conscious movements and awareness) we bring all the connection with the nature creating a playful, empathetic and motivating environment that every day is a Magic Day full of learning experiences.

School Programs

MMM (Mindfulness, Movement and Martial Arts)

7 weeks * 3 days  Curriculum For Schools

21 days Transformation

 Our Proposal Is  A pilot program the feasibility, acceptability and
potential effect of School-based, sensorimotor intervention, awareness and  strong mindfulness

Our Curriculum Movement, Mindfulness, Martial Arts  program integrates Yoga, Natural Gymnastics , Budokon & self-regulation to build fitness, focus, Intelligence Emotion, release trauma, prepare kids for text reducing stress levels and learning readiness for G1-G8!

Enjoy fun, effective, and innovative lesson plan themes with  movement & mindfulness building activities. We promote Smart Play, Smart Choices   for physical health & development, creative arts, nature connection and social-emotional learning.

Lesson Plans support all intelligences, fulfill standards, and profoundly engage children.  Activities  are easy to implement and  integrate movement & mindfulness to develop physical fitness, teach health and self-regulation skills, and empower children manage their stress, understand their emotions, make thoughtful behavior choices, and be more resilient.

We based our curriculum in the subjects that we observe as a facts are the most controversial for our Kids:

1. Introduction Mindfulness – Movement Introduction – Mindful Bodies & Mindful Listening: Postures & Movements. and mindful listening of and instrument and sound around the room.

2. Stress release Mindfulness of Breathing – Finding where they feel their breath more, connecting to each inhale, connecting breathing with senses.

3.Respectful Self Expression  : Bullying involves aggressive, negative behavior in a patterned manner over time toward an individual of weaker power. It may take many forms cultivate compassion and empathy.  Team work.

4. Healthy  Habits and the relationship with our capacity and potential. Nutrition Process. Brain Energy – connection – cleanse.

5. Emotions : our spiritual body. Learning values through movement properly and clear intentions. Fear-be accepted- working with rejection.

6. Sex. How to use this energy in a positive way. Mindfulness changes (Brain- Body- Emotions) emotional Intelligent through physical movement.

7. Time Awareness. Related with technology. What happen with our brain and our physical capacity?

How?  We want:

Sexual Health: Awareness of our Body with Mindfulness incorporation .

Understanding and open communication: reduce cognitive vulnerability to stress and emotional distress.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Anger Management

Test Scores

Healthy Life Skills

Physical Fitness Oriented to Behavioral Management